Building (and introducing) CoinClicker (v.7)

Building (and introducing) CoinClicker (v.7)

From time to time the internet brings forth amazing applications. One of these is the awesome and probably well known cookieclicker. It is the best game in its genre of idle games.  After joining the ethernaut DAO and finishing two solidity courses I chose this game to be my first project to take to the blockchain.

My aim is to learn about the mechanisms and toolchains of ethereum in order to learn about all coding and interaction best practices while at the same time building an homage to one of the best idle games I have ever seen.

So withouth further ado I would like to introduce the first version of the game I created:

Level 2 in

In order to optimize the learning experience and hopefully transition this game into a DAO I have decided to open source the code behind the game and I have published it on my gitlab. Check out the (messy) source code at:

DanielFortuyn / Coinclicker
Coinclicker is an ethereum based idle game

The game is still very much in a beta state, I will write small posts on this blog about the progress I am making with this project.

One of the key concepts I wanted to experiment with is rewarding players with governance tokens in order to build a community around this game. Therefor a snapshot page has been created and new proposals can be submitted with a balance of just five $CCGT.