Corona update

Corona update

What am I doing in quarantine

Over the last couple of days I have gotten a bit ill. Following official guidelines I have decided to go into quarantine.  As some of you might know this can pose quite the challenge to me.

So what have I done..  I decided to work on upcoming project by learning a new programming framework and language. Which is it? Well the language is called Dart and the framework is flutter.

Why learn a new language

Well, I believe every problem has a best approach and sometimes new approaches emerge that can solve a problem more efficiently than others. In this specific case I have decided to learn dart / flutter because they have some advantages over current platforms.

Compared to native apps, it has the distinct advantage of having just one codebase. This means less support and faster development. Compared to other single-codebase solutions like, for example, react native, it has the advantage of compiling to native apps. Which is a significant performance increase.

There is however a major drawback and that is the fact that the community for flutter is active, but relatively small.

What now..

In the upcoming days I will add more information about the app I am developing. For now.. stay tuned :)